Year 2 Projects Feedback / Gallery

This page holds brief information from successful projects as they feed back on the activity which they have undertaken as a result of their successful bid for funding. 

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Brushes Busy Kids - Cookery Project

Linda reports "... the cooking from around the world project is going fantastic, kids are really enjoying doing it and learning from different cultures, we have parents get involved too which is a big bonus..."

Flower TARA - Craft Sessions

Flower Estate TARA applied for funding to the Firth Park Community First panel to fund a project craft project “Make Do & Mend”. Weekly sessions for participants to meet and chat with a tutor attending on a regular basis. The group have made a variety of crafted items:


Feedback awaited from these groups

40-60s Group
54th Sheffield Company Boys Brigade
Adlington Lunch Club
Bizzy Fingers
Brushes TARA
Crazy Crafting 
Firth Park Festival Committee
Flower Estate Community Association
Flower Estate Family Action
Friends of Firth Park
Friends of Firth Park Community Arts College 
Health & Mind
Lindsay TARA *
Little Faces Toddler Group
Longley 4G Job Club
Longley Link TARA
Longley Little Ones / Wrigglers
Parson Cross Family Garden Society
Sheffield Mind & Body
The Together Project
Women in Construction Arts and Technology

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