Funded projects

Year 4 (2014/15) Bids 

The following organisations / groups were successful.
* latest round bids

Brushes Busy Kids   
 £2,000 for Green Fingers Project

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

£2,500 for Bronze Award course for Firth Park youngsters
Firth Park Festival   
£2,500 towards Summer Festival Costs

* Firth Park Walkers
£840 towards activities

Flower Estate Family Action 
£2,480 for Creative Writing course costs

Flower TARA
£2,500 for Summer Fun Activities for Children

Health n Mind
£2,220 for Confidence Building Activities

* Leaf Community Allotments
£1,425 towards growing the community project

Little Faces Toddler Group 
£920 for Summer Holiday activities

Longley Lasses
£2,500 for Group setup costs

Longley Link TARA 
£2,294 for Sporty Summer project

Longley Little Ones / Wrigglers 
£2,500 for Play and Stay project

*North Sheffield Conservation
£2,500 to Tree Project

Sew Easy 
£2,500 for Start Sewing project

* Southey Development Forum
£2,368 towards Back to the Future project

* St Leonards Church
£1,585 towards youth club / activities

* Tradebase Trust
£2,132 towards Hope Allotment Project

* Upper Wincobank Chapel
£1,550 towards writing group project

Year 3 (2013/14)Bids

The following organisations / groups were successful.

40-60s Group
£610 for 'In with the new' Project

54th Sheffield Boys Brigade
£2,500 for Activities for Young People

Adlington Community Centre
£2,344 for Fitness Frenzy / Fitness to Music

  Kids Together
£2,500 for an 'stay and play' group for children with autism

Firth Park Festival Committee
£2,500 towards Festival Funding

Flower Estate Family Action
£2,493 for IT for Work courses

Flower Estate TARA
£2,240 for Happy and Healthy Project

£2,000 for IT suite / Job Club re-location Project

Longley Bowling Club
£300 towards Bowling competition event

Longley 4G Job Club
£2,420 for Skills for Employment sessions

Longley Link TARA
£2,500 for Longley @ Heart project, activities

Roman Ridge Extra Care
£2245 for Blooming Outdoors project

Sheffield Citizens Advice
£2,500 for Volunteer Support Project

£1,680 for Lifelong Learning Course for local people

Southey Development Forum
£750 towards First Aid and Health & Safety courses

Steel City Bowlers
£1,635 towards maintenance costs for community green

Step Out Firth Park
£1,400 towards Community Walking Club travel costs

St Leonards Community Hall
£1,350 towards kitchen oven conversion

Stubbin 50+
£2,100 for 'Food, Fun and Friendship' Project

Stubbin TARA
Grant Declined

Upper Wincobank Chapel
£1,227 for InterAction Project

Grant Declined -will resubmit

Wincobank Tiddly Tots
Grant Declined

Year 2 (2012/13) Final Round (4) - Bids closed March 2013

Brushes TARA
£ 325 for Family History Project

Sheffield Mind & Body
£ 1,150 for health courses

Lindsay TARA
£ 2,500 for Sporting Activities for Children

Year 2 (2012/13) Round 3 - Bids closed January 2013

The panel decided to put forward the following bids for funding

Parson Cross Family Garden Society
£2,000 for Site Infrastructure Improvements

Flower TARA
£2,440 for Craft Sessions / Tuition

Little Faces Toddler Group
£2,056.81 for Toddler Group Sessions

£2,500 Community Engagement Project (CF)

Year 2 (2012/13) Round 2 - Bids closed 21st September 2012

The panel decided to put forward the following bids for funding

Brushes Busy Kids
£1,575 for Cooking for Kids

Firth Park Festival Committee
£1,200 for Xmas 2012 Festival event

Friends of Firth Park
£1,600 for Winter Sing-a-long event

Health & Mind
£2,500 towards supporting Mental Health community led support group

£2,475 towards 'Bee Friendly' enivronmental Project

Longley Link TARA
£1,210.70 towards 'activities for young people in Longley'

Longley Little Ones / Wrigglers
£1,758.02 towards room hire and equipment costs

Parson Cross Community Gardens Group

Grant declined by group - will resubmit with changed proposal in Round 3

54th Sheffield Company Boys Brigade
£1,200 towards external activities for group

Year 2 (2012/13) Round 1 - Bids closed 30th May 2012

The panel decided to put forward the following bids for funding.

The Together Project
£2,349.50 for Supported Shopping Transport for local residents

Friends of Firth Park Community Arts College

£1,040 for Summer Holiday activities for local children - Shared Bid with Shiregreen /Wincobank CFP

Adlington Lunch Club
£520 for Lunch Club equipment

Flower Estate Community Association
£450 for Craft Tutor and equipment for community activity

Longley 4G Job Club
£2,000 for Advice Service Outreach project in Longley

Women in Construction Arts and Technology
£1,380 for Sessional Worker and Technical Support

40-60s Group
£507 for Craft Sessions

Bizzy Fingers
£450 for Room Hire Costs (*)

Crazy Crafting 
£500 for Craft Equipment for club based at Emerson Community Centre (*)

Flower Estate Family Action
£2,243 for Tutor costs for local history / it project

(*) funded from Year 1 underspend

Year 1 (2011/12) Bids Funded.

The panel decided to put forward the following bids for funding. 

Flower Estate Family Action 
£2,405 for Community based educational activities

Trade Base Trust 
£2,457.84 for Sessional Worker time

Friends of Firth Park 
£910 for 2 replacement benches in Firth Park

Firth Park Festival 
£2,480 for One event equipment hire - event held in June 2012

Upper Wincobank Undenominational Chapel 
£1,575 for Disabled Access Ramp on building

Longley 50+Group 
£600 for Room Hire Costs

Community Event Advice
£1,000 for Festival Equipment - PA etc (loanable to community groups)

Romano Jilo 
Bid Declined By Group - Funding Returned to CDF

Firth Park Centre for Life
£1,670 for Shrubs and Hanging Baskets (36) at Centre

Little Faces Toddler Group 
£600 for Room Hire Costs

Longley Wrigglers 
£529 for Play Equipment

Roman Ridge Extra Care Scheme (Sanctuary Housing)
£1,500 for Sensory Garden Costs and Celebration Events

5 Neighbourhoods Group
£540 for 6 Planters in Longley

£1,126 for Job Club provision in Longley area

Flower Estate TARA 
£300 for Bulb planting project in local area (Autumn 2012)

Firestorm Youth Club 
£1,200 for Room Hire Costs

Firth Park Advice Centre
£1,100 for Training for 2 volunteer advice workers + extra training for 2 exisitng volunteers

Longley Link TARA  
£1,275 for Funded multi-sports activity for children 8-16 during summer holidays

40s-60s Group 
£250 for 20th Anniversary event held during Summer 2012

St Leonards Community Hall  
£2,500 contribution towards refurbishment costs of Community Kitchen

We hope these groups are all successful and will inform us of their progress. Feedback on these successful projects can be found here

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