Year 3 Projects Feedback / Gallery

This page holds brief information from successful projects as they feed back on the activity which they have undertaken as a result of their successful bid for funding. Images can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Flower Estate Family Action - IT For Work Project

Flower Estate Family Action applied for funding to the Firth Park Community First panel to fund practical sessions for those looking for employment and needing to improve their computer skills. 

Our past experience of delivering various accredited/unaccredited IT training covering various Microsoft Office programmes had shown that while learners get an overview of each programme we felt that there was a gap of how these programmes would be practically used in the world of work. Learners completed practical task based on office/business scenario’s. We also provided dedicated drop in sessions for those searching for employment online. Learners had support in creating a CV. 

Learners also used Desk Top Publishing to create business publicity if they were to start their own business.

St Leonards Community Hall

St Leonards needed to replace their oven in the kitchen of their community hall in order to allow hot food to be prepared for the groups using the space including the 'lunch club'. The grant enabled them to do this and so keep this vital community resource in operation. Doesn't it look shiny.

Feedback to come from

40-60s Group
54th Sheffield Boys Brigade
Adlington Community Centre
Firth Park Festival Committee
Flower Estate TARA
Longley Bowling Club
Longley 4G Job Club
Longley Link TARA
Roman Ridge Extra Care
Sheffield Citizens Advice
Steel City Bowlers
Step Out Firth Park

Stubbin 50+
Upper Wincobank Chapel

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