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Have you got an idea for a community activity that will benefit your community?

Community first is a new government programme to provide small grants to new and existing organisations. All grants have to be match funded  but are encouraged to do so by allocating volunteer time. All the details of the programme for our ward, how to apply for a grant, and how the money is spent, will be posted on this website.

The panel is made up of local volunteers - who give their time freely to ensure that funding gets to the groups that are making a difference in the area. 

The priorities for 'Firth Park' ward are as follows

* Improved Public spaces.
* Community support, getting people together and safer communities.
* More things for children and young people to do.
* Getting people out of poverty and ready for work.
* Reducing health inequalities.

Projects recommended by the Firth Park Community First Panel will be subject to the approval of the Community Development foundation. If your Project is approved, they will contract and pay you directly.

If you wish to apply for funding we suggest that you consider the following questions;

1. Does the Project address one or more of the local priorities eh Panel has set?
2. Is the timetable for delivery achievable?
3. Does the Project represent good value for money?
4. Will the Project result in an improvement in the quality of life or opportunities for local people?

If the answer is 'Yes' to these 4 questions, then get an application in - we should be able to help you.

As with all funding streams there are restrictions on funding provided through Community First. Before applying please check that your application is eligible and falls within the guidelines from Community Development Foundation Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund (Latest FAQ)
Terms and Conditions of Grant

* The ‘You’ referred to in this document is the Grant Recipient
* ‘CDF’ refers to the Community Development Foundation
* All references to grants within this document refer to the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund
1. You must use this funding to carry out the tasks in relation to the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund grant funding programme, as set out in your application form. The grant must not be used for other purposes. If there are changes to your project then you must inform CDF of these. Approval of any change is at CDF’s discretion. CDF reserves the right to suggest changes to the proposed tasks or any proposed changes if any of them fall outside of CDF’s eligible criteria.
2. You must ensure the grant is not used for any purpose prohibited by the fund. Purposes prohibited by the fund include:

* Goods or services that the grant recipient has a duty to provide.
* CDF funding cannot be used to replace existing funding received by a group, nor can it be used to deliver activities that the group is already contractually obliged to deliver.
* Items which are due to be paid for by other public or private sector grants.
* Statutory fines, criminal fines or penalties.
* Liabilities incurred prior to the date of this agreement.
* Any professional marketing, advertising or promotional activity.

In practice this means that Community First grant cannot be spent on any of the following:

* Paid for advertising and marketing activity, such as notices in newspapers, journals, local radio spots etc.
* Professional printing of publications, such as posters, leaflets and fliers
* All paid for events, conferences and exhibitions, including hire of venues for purely promotional events
* Professional web design.

* Payments to statutory organisations, such as Local Authorities, schools, the Police Force and arms length public sector organisations. This includes organisations that are in any way controlled by, for example, a Local Authority, a Primary Care Trust or agencies of these.
* Any party political activity.
* Activity where the key purpose is to promote a religious doctrine or the beliefs of a particular faith.
* Commercial ventures.
* Organisations working in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, or those that primarily benefit communities overseas in Europe or elsewhere. The grant must be used for activity within local communities in England.
* Certain types of activities that support Asylum Seeker groups. 

This funding cannot be used for the provision of services to asylum seekers when those services are inconsistent with immigration laws or Home Office policy. For the purposes of this fund, an ‘asylum seeker’ means a person who has brought an asylum or human rights claim in the UK which has not yet been determined by either the Secretary of State or relevant authorities. It also includes a person who is a dependant on such a claim. Further information can be found at: http://www.ind.homeoffice.gov.uk

* Funding of organisations which support or promote extremist views or which do not support the fundamental British values of human rights; equality before the law, democracy and full participation in UK society.

3. Acceptance of grant
In order to receive funding you need to:
1. Confirm that your group/organisation accepts the Offer of Grant and will abide by the terms and conditions stated in this document, via the online form.
2. Confirmation that the grant will not be used to fund any of the prohibited purposes as listed above in clause 2, via the online form.
3. Provide Bank details, via the online form.
4. Complete an agreement for bank account sharing (applicable only if your group does not have a bank account and another organisation has agreed to receive the funds on your behalf).
5. Provide the name of a trustee from your organisation, or the organisation who will hold your grant, who can validate the bank account details.
6. Confirmation that you have relevant insurance in place for the activities you are undertaking with this grant, specifying the amount of cover, via the online form.
Please be aware that no grant payment will be released until we receive the above information from you correctly completed where appropriate. It is in your interests to return this information as soon as you can. 

If you are unsure about any of the above then please contact the Community First team at Communityfirst@cdf.org.uk

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